Arlo and Janis: "St. Nick of Time" (1996 Christmas Special)

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Monday, December 2
"Frankly, in my opinion, this series is only 'okay' on an artistic level. I find it interesting, because this was a transitional period for me, a period when I was developing from a novice cartoonist into something more."

Tuesday, December 3
"Obviously, I wasn't what you'd call a 'beginner.' I'd been doing the strip 10 years at this time. I was getting better fast at this point and would continue to improve, I think. This is an argument against the recent notion espoused by some that a cartoonist owes it to his readers to fall on his pen after a few years."

Wednesday, December 4
"Notice both Arlo and Janis still had their old haircuts."

Thursday, December 5
"I remember how difficult it was doing three extra weeks of material on top of the regular stuff!"

Friday, December 6
"Ten years down the road, this joke has lost its punch. It's hard to recall how much attention and time were wasted on the sordid spectacle of the O.J. Simpson murder trial."

Saturday, December 7
"(To be continued--hopefully. These days, who knows?)"

Monday, December 9

Tuesday, December 10

Wednesday, December 11
"There was a time when a toilet was one of those items a cartoonist was not allowed to depict in a comic strip. Another, I've read, was a snake. Don't ask me why."

Thursday, December 12
"No, it didn't happen this way for me. I wandered around chewing Rolaids and wondering if maybe I had heartburn. Finally, a look at my ashen face in the bathroom mirror convinced me it wasn't heartburn, and I went to the emergency room."

Friday, December 13
"Warning: the remainder of this series is a little short on medical research and fact."

Saturday, December 14
"This series really was a coming-of-age tale involving Gene as much as anything."

Monday, December 16
"I could never work in the medical professions. I got queasy when I saw that film, when I saw someone performing CPR on a very unrealistic dummy."

Tuesday, December 17
"Is Arlo having a 'myocardial infarction?' Thanks to all of you who wrote in to remind me of the clinical name for a heart attack."

Wednesday, December 18
"As I said Monday, things didn't happen for me as they're happening for Arlo here, but by the time I reached the emergency room, I felt as he looks here."

Thursday, December 19
"Arlo was lucky. He had one of those cartoon heart attacks. Quick! Without Googling, name 'the guy on E.R.' No, not George Clooney."

Friday, December 20
"For two of the tree days I was in the hospital, I was in the Intensive Care Unit, once again probably one of the more animated and youthful and generally conscious patients there. Or maybe I'm giving myself too much credit."

Saturday, December 21

Monday, December 23
"Yes, you're right: the actor from the glory days of 'E.R.' who was not George Clooney was Anthony Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene."

Tuesday, December 24
"Ludwig has ears! Ludwig has ears!"

Wednesday, December 25
"(King Henry IV. Part II, Act II, Sc. II, by William Shakespeare.) The 'Wheel of Fortune' device that ties together the beginning and end of this sequence has lost a bit of punch over time, as well. While the popular game show rolls on and on, it was huge 10 years ago. To view the entire series: click here."